About Creative Hands Sewing & Crafting

Creative Hands Sewing and Crafting was born in 2011 after many years of crafting at home for family and friends. Ever item we make is handmade and lovingly crafted. We use the mediums of sewing, crocheting, knitting and vinyl to produce our varied collection of items.

We have locations in Victoria with Vanessa and Duncan with Linda and have a great time meeting with our customers at markets all over the island – and sometimes beyond!

About Linda

Linda is one half of the Creative Hands team and also Vanessa’s mom. She is a grandmother to many and has been creating since her early teens. Linda creates with her sewing machine, embroidery designing, and knitting needles with the occasional crochet project thrown in.

She spend many hours making creations for her children in their growing years – learning to sew to create wonderful items for her children on a tight budget! She now enjoys creating items for her grandchildren and all of your little ones too! Lina is always interested in learning a new technique to create something interesting and extra special.

About Vanessa

Vanessa is the second half of Creative Hands. She never had any intention of taking up crafting as a business – even though she grew up actively crafting through to adulthood. With a mom like Linda who was busy enough with her own projects, she ended up learning sewing herself!

Vanessa now crochets and has recently added vinyl design projects to her offerings. She is a work at home mom of three girls, one of who has extra needs. Doing Creative Hands gives Vanessa the flexibility to earn income while remaining at home to provide the extra support her girls need.